Friday, June 4, 2010


For all you book lovers out there, Shelfari is the site for books and readers. It is a place where you can add books that you want to read, are reading, and have read. You can join groups, add friends, and discuss your favorite books. I found this site through my RED 352 teacher, Dr. Tunks. She has required us to add books to our shelves as we go through the class. I absolutely love literature, so I have already added over 50 books that I have read and loved. I have also added a widget to my blog. You can either click on it, which is located to the left, or click here.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Adding Important Links to Your Blog


You can now embed your wordle directly into your blog. Simply publish your wordle and then you will be given an embed code. Copy this code in a new post, and the wordle should appear.

Alt= and Title= tags for the deaf and blind

Written Instructions

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Instructions for Purchasing Foliotek

Purchasing Foliotek:

1.) Go to
2.) Select USA Online, located in the bottom right corner of the window.
3.) Select ePortfolio, located in the center of the top of the window.
4.) After clicking ePortfolio, a new page will appear the allows you to purchase or extend your license. Select okay.
5.) Fill out your billing information and PRESTO! You're done.

A video is available on Anthony Capp's Blog

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HTML Code for "Contact Me" Section

Double click video to view it in another window, or click the link below.

HTML Code Video

Friday, April 30, 2010

Fare Thee Well

A Hand that has Good Bye written on it
Farewell, Dr. Strange and Class B. I have thoroughly enjoyed this past semester. Y'all were a great class, and I learned so much from each one of you. I am excited to keep in touch through our Alumni Blog. I wish everyone good luck on your future studies. I will miss seeing everyone on Tuesdays. Good bye for now!

What have I learned in EDM 310?

1. Over the past semester, I have learned so much. I have created presentations, forms, and spreadsheets in Google Docs. With Google Docs, I was able to share all my information with others and directly embed these projects into my blog. Blogger has been a place where I can communicate with others by sharing my own thoughts, pictures, videos, links, and so much more. In Blogger, I learned how to address accessibility issues by using alt and title with pictures. This feature helps those that are blind. On my blog, I posted voice recordings, YouTube videos, my Videocast, a Timetoast Timeline, a Google Earth project, and a Skype session that I used ScreenFlow to make. To enlarge my PLN, I used to Twitter to contact many English teachers. The use of Comments for Kids and Comments for Teachers greatly assisted me in my learning. I loved being able to communicate with teacher and students from all over the world. It was also great to comment on classmates' blogs. This was an opportunity to see how other people were responding to our assignments and see their progress. ALEX is a great tool for teachers because it shows the state curriculum and lesson plans. I have grown tremendously, and I am definitely more technologically literate than ever before. I think purchasing a Mac helped inspire me, and I loved figuring new things out and simply researching. I cannot wait to use everything I have learned in my classroom.

2. I loved everything we did in this class. I think it was all useful, and I actually learned a lot that was not assigned. By viewing other teachers' blog, I found new websites and tools to use. I feel like I got everything out of the class that I was supposed to plus more.

3. No, I do not want to forget anything I learned. I found everything extremely interesting and useful. Even if I cannot find a way to incorporate certain tools in y classroom, I am glad I learned how to use them anyways, and I never want to forget important knowledge. If I forget, then the class was useless to me.

4. At first, I dreaded the class, and I thought it was ridiculous that I had to take it. After making my first movie on my new Mac, I was hooked. I had a completely different perspective. I would spend hours just playing around and also viewing other people's blogs simply because I enjoyed learning more. I loved this class, and I hope to continue to learn more and more. Dr. Strange, I will definitely keep in touch.

5. I actually did not find anything to be too intellectually challenging. If I couldn't figure it out on my own, I either found tutorials or sought help elsewhere. Overall, I was able to do everything just fine.

6. No, I was never bored. I loved it!

7. I definitely DID NOT feel overworked in class. The amount of classwork is just fine. The one thing I can think of is organization. I am extremely organized, and at first, I felt overwhelmed by the syllabus. It is all jacked up, but after I made my own calendar for the class, I was fine.

8. I do believe I am technologically literate. I would say I am pretty good at most things I have learned. I think I even taught Dr. Strange a few new things. There is always room for improvement, which I need a lot of, but I do think I have grown so much and ready to use technology in my classroom.

9. I hope to continue learning new tools and different features in technology. The world of technology is always growing. I don't think I will ever be at the top, but I do plan on continuing to follow teachers and explore technology.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Earlier this semester, I commented on how I was creating my personal learning network. Although I do not use Twitter as much as I should, I have used many useful websites and teacher's blogs to learn a great deal about teaching. I followed Kelly Hines, Dorothy Burt, and Shelly Terrell. I also view tons of students blogs, and through these blogs, I get great ideas to incorporate into my future class. I feel like I learn the most through the words of my fellow classmates and teachers. I also research different topics and read articles that I am interested in. I am now a part of the EDM 310 Alumni blog, and I am extremely excited about this. We have invited many teachers to contribute, and anyone can comment. I know I will continue to use this and learn a lot from it.

Substantive Presentation

For my substantive presentation, Dr. Strange, Poppy, and I made a series of videos. These videos address certain issues that take place with students today. They are quite humorous. I hope you enjoy.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Time for Growth

A seventh grader made a video about her personal learning environment. It contained so much information, and she appeared to have truly learned a great amount on her own. Her PLE was extremely organized, and I loved how she explained the different tools she uses. I think it is great that so many young people are learning through websites, videos, and other blogs. I have just started my PLN, and it amazes me how the learning environment has so quickly expanded beyond the classroom. I am excited to see the new changes taking place.

A Seventh Grader's PLE.

Two Questions That Can Change Your Life by Daniel Pink stem from his book Drive. The first is What is your Sentence? To be honest, I do not know how to sum up my life in one sentence. I believe that I have done many things that have affected someone elses life. I have overcome many battles, and I have accomplished a great deal in the twenty one years of my life. I know that I have a great purpose in life, and I plan on fulfilling all my heart's desires. I like to think of myself as a young woman who is confident in herself and knows who she is. I am independent and strong. I love, and I care. I want to help others, and I plan on making a difference in life. I guess I could say, I will never live a mundane life. As for the second question, Was I better Today than Yesterday?, I will always strive to be better. I never want to become so satisfied with my life that I stop living. I always want more, and I always want to do more. I want to show others their full potential, and give them a chance to do something with their life. I choose to love, because I have been loved. I will forever try to live up to my full potential.

What is Your Sentence?

Professional Blog

For my professional blog, I worked with a group of my fellow classmates and created an alumni blog for EDM 310. Through this blog, we hope to stay in contact and be able to help each other in the future. We all have access to post, and we are in the process of making it grow.

Please check it out at EDM310 Alumni Blog.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Google Earth

I created a tour of the ten most haunted cemeteries in the United States.

Haunted Cemeteries

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekly Comments

Comments for Teachers

I created a video using Screen Flow to discuss why I enjoyed Comments for Teachers.

Comments for Kids

This week, I watched nine year old Ashleigh discuss the history of Maori culture. I really enjoyed her video. She gave the history, and she also dressed up as an actual person from that time. I could really tell she knew what she was discussing, and I learned a lot from her video.

Ashleigh's Video

The History of Post-It Notes

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weekly Comments

Comments for Teachers

Over the past two weeks, I followed Ms. Shelly Terrell. She teaches English to all ages in Germany. Since I am planning on teaching overseas, I have been following many teachers who teach in different countries. Her blog is filled with inspiration, challenges, and resources. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing her blog, and I know I have learned so much. I will definitely continue following Ms. Terrell. The one post that truly spoke to me was about having faith in our students. She referenced having faith as small as a mustard seed, which comes from the Bible. It is so true what faith can do for you. I appreciate that she truly cares for her students and has a desire to help them realize their potential. My sister is an English teacher, and she has told me that some of the children that other teachers constantly complain about are her best students. They actually do well in her class and want to learn. I think this new attitude stems from the faith my sister has them. I definitely believe the way we view our students greatly effects their own perception. I vowed to take her challenge and be a teacher who also moves educational mountains. I thanked her for her words of wisdom.

Another challenge she made was teaching our students how to reflect instead of react. I think this is a great challenge for most people. It is extremely important to reflect on things that we have done, and also how we react to certain situations. I always try to come up with reasons why I reacted in the way I did. I try to control myself so I won't react out of anger or whatever my mood may be. I thought it was helpful that she distinguished between reaction and reflection. I also think blogging is a great way to reflect on ourselves. We can express ourselves and later look back on our emotions. She mentioned that she lost five students due to them reacting to a certain situation. I think it is quite imperative that we teach ourselves and our students the importance of thinking through things. I enjoyed the different challenges Ms. Terrell gave, and I hope to use all her advice when I become a teacher.

Shelly Terrell's Blog

Children's Hands stacked on top of each other
Why is it important for students to post their work to blogs?

I believe posting students' work to a blog has many benefits. While we have to be careful with privacy issues, the experience and things learned far outweigh the concerns. I think that if students know their work is being published, they will definitely work harder. Who wants other people seeing what a horrible job one did? I know that I want people to think of the best of me, so I always work harder to impress people. I also think that sharing work can help others. It is a form of discussion, and by sharing, so many people can see other ideas and either agree of disagree. I love talking and sharing my thoughts with people, and posting students' work gives them an opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas, and possibly get feedback. Posting work also helps prevent plagiarism because everyone's work is instantly seen by the teacher. There is no possible way for a student to get away with copying someone's work.

I know with English, a blog is a perfect way to enhance writing. Blogging is very much like journaling. A blog can be a place for the students to free write, journal, pre-write, expand their work into an essay, proofread, answer discussion question, and share their work. Other people can provide feedback and help improve each others' writing. I think students' would take pride in their writing if they knew it was being published. The people they will encounter and the experiences they will be a part of will help them grow as people and writers. They will hear many different voices and can also speak their own voice. I will definitely use blogging in my English class for these reasons.

Peggy Gallo, former teacher, decided to create a website where teachers can actually publish students' work. Check it out at My little Book Project.

Examples of Students' Work:

PS 22 Choir singing Landslide.

Although Kaia is not a student, her blog has created a lot of conversation with students all over the world.

Although, I do not have a website, Isibeal Owens is a sixth grader at UMS-Wright in Mobile, AL. She is in a Latin class, and they have a class blog. Check out my interview with her farther down on my blog.

Comments for Kids

There are students all over the world that use blogs for educational purposes.
Here are just a few:

Mr. Tyson's 9th Grade Science Class

Mrs. Shetler's 7th Grade EduBlogs

Endless Ocean

Kathy Cassidy

Room 9 from Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand

Comments for Kids

This week I listened to another Mihi in Maori. Tafaoata talked about herself and her family. I really enjoyed listening in, and I thought she did a great job. I enjoyed hearing her Mihi because she spoke clearly and kept her attention on the audience. She did a wonderful job, and I wished her happy birthday!

Tafaoata's Mihi

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teaching iMovie

After getting my Mac, I began using iMovie. I have grown to absolutely love this program. There are so many different possibilities. While I have learned a great deal, I know there are so many more things to figure out. I hope this demonstration can help you. If you do not have a Mac, I would highly recommend buying one. I have only had mine for about a month, but I have already learned so much and the things that are available are endless.

Voice Recording


Instead of creating a podcast, my group decided to create a movie. The movie is an infomercial advertising EDM 310 for Dummies, a book we made up for the class. We used iMovie to edit it. I hope you enjoy it!

Interview with Isibeal Owens

I interviewed Isibeal Owens, a 6th grade student at UMS-Wright. We discussed how she uses technology in her classes and why she enjoys technology.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Wordle: Names for God

Class Survey

My survey consisted of questions pertaining to fact or fiction. There are many topics that are quite controversial that have been debated for some time now. While some evidence can prove certain debates, there are always people who disagree. I love dinosaurs and unicorns because of this very fact. So many people believe that dinosaurs once existed but not unicorns. Throughout the Old Testament, there are many references to an one-horned animal, possibly the unicorn. There are people, however, that still believe unicorns are a myth. I love fiction and non-fiction, and below are some responses to my survey. Take a look, some are quite humorous!

Fact versus Fiction

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Kaia holding a stick with a bug on it

Mr. Jabiz Raisdana, father of Kaia, decided to create a blog to document Kaia's life so one day she can look back on these precious memories. One day Mr. Raisdana began reading The Last Child in the Woods, and decided to take Kaia out into the desert of Qatar to explore. Kaia mentions, "My daddy was trying to teach me that sometimes if we look closely at things, even if they are discarded and ugly, they can be beautiful, if we look at them right." This is a wonderful way to teach children about nature, and to further the experience, Kaia and her father took pictures of the things they came across. Kaia also made a photo essay describing the picture she took all by herself.

Shortly after, Mr. Raisdana tweeted about their experience, and before he knew it, people were contacting him all over the world. Mr. Chamberlain's class wanted to skype Kaia and her father, and from that point on, everyone was hearing about 3 year old Kaia. Her father suggested that the students create video comments since Kaia cannot read. This story has become quite famous over the web, and I am so impressed with Kaia's intellect and curiosity. Kaia seems to be full of joy and pleasant to be around. Mr. Raisdana commented that he hopes more and more people will view his and Kaia's blog and that teachers and students grow from this experience. All this worked because Mr. Raisdana and Mr. Chamberlain "were following [their] curiosity. [They] were discovering new things. [They] were learning, beyond classroom walls, because [they] had all decided to take risks and be open with [their] lives.

Mr. Raisdana is a bit apprehensive in the connection his daughter has with the world. Although I am not a parent, I definitely agree that we have to be careful on the internet. I am happy that Mr. Raisdana is sharing Kaia with the world. She is so wonderful, and I am sure she is changing people's life. I know my life and perspective has been changed. I want to continue connecting with people all over the world. I think it is important to connect with different people because we are able to experience different cultures and go beyond our confined life. Mr. Raisdana concludes with "What is the value in this experience? Is the risk of exposing ourselves and our children online worth the connections that will be made and the lessons that will be learned?" I definitely think it is worth it! As a teacher, I want my students to connect with different people and learn new things, especially through the eyes of a 3 year old. I think this is a great way to learn and see the changes that are taking place around us.

Kaia's Photo Essay
Mr. Raisdana's Blog
Mr. Chamberlain'sClass

Comments for Kids

This week I listened to Raven, a 3rd grader in New Zealand. She created a Mihi (Greeting) in the native culture of Maori. In the culture, greeting people is a way to show respect. Although I do not speak Maori, I thought she did an excellent job. I think it is quite amazing that she can speak another language at such a young age. I was quite impressed with her Mihi.

Raven's Mihi in Maori

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Over Spring Break, I traveled to Newberg, OR. The Sunday I was gone, the youth group at my church, Knollwood Church, led worship. I was quite upset that I was going to miss this wonderful experience, until I thought about using Skype. My brother has Skype on his computer, so they hooked the sound into his computer, and I was able to see and hear the worship service. Skype was messing up that day so the video is not the best quality, but I thought it was great that I could be there with my church. To capture the skype session, Dr. Strange introduced me to Screen Flow. Like Screen Capture, the program captures all movement that takes place on the screen. I loved using both programs, and with them I was able to make a video of the worship service. If you would like to listen in, I have included a link to the video. I hope you enjoy.

Knollwood Youth Group

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morgan Bayda

The University of South Alabama institutionalized

An Open Letter to Educators

Dan Brown's video did an excellent job describing a typical college classroom. His passionate opinions address the problem in many universities today. So many teachers are not wanting to cooperate and accept this CHANGE that is taking place. I think it is ridiculous that I have teachers at the University of South Alabama that cannot simply attach a powerpoint to an email. When teachers are choosing to remain technologically illiterate, we, the students, are suffering. We live off technology, and we have adapted to the use of it. Like Morgan Bayda said, we are being cheated in our education. I think professors are lazy, or should I say arrogant, by simply lecturing the entire class period. When a teacher stands at the front of the classroom the whole time drilling information into my mind, I cannot help but think that the professor believes he/she is higher than me and does not care about my opinions.

I know that I do not learn by merely listening to a monotone professor lecture on a piece of literature for hours upon hours. I want to discuss and interact not only with the professor but with my fellow classmates. I want a teacher who is willing to admit he/she can still learn from a student and wants to include the students in on discussion. I think this is the only way to truly learn and grow. I do like the idea of the PLN because this gives students the chance to learn and share information. I can say that the experience I described above has rarely happened to me, and I am truly grateful. I know that when I become a teacher, I want to DISCUSS with my students and use technology to teach them.

Morgan Bayda's Blog

Comments for Kids

This past week I commented on the 2KM class. They recently had an assembly and some girls performed a dance to a song by The Veronicas. They did an excellent job, and it appeared that everyone greatly enjoyed it. I remember being that age and dancing to the Spice Girls. I love to dance, and I think it is a great way to express oneself. I encouraged the girls to keep dancing and having fun.

2KM's Dance

Weekly Comments

Comments for Teachers

Over the past two weeks, I have been following Mrs. Dorothy Burt who teaches in Manaiakalani. I have learned a great deal from Mrs. Burt's blog, and I definitely will continue to check her blog. She has some great advice for the classroom, and through her blog I was introduced to Aviary. Aviary was recently bought by Google and will soon be available on Google Docs. With Aviary, you can use many programs: image editor, color editor, effects editor, vector editor, image markup, screen capture, and audio editor, and it is all for free! I was extremely excited to hear about this program considering how influential Google is in our class. I have started using Aviary, and I absolutely love it. I will definitely continue using it, and I know this will benefit me as a teacher.

In the second post I read, Mrs. Burt discussed how parents are beginning to engage in the students' writing. I am taking a teaching comp. class this semester. The class helps us with different techniques with teaching writing. Mrs. Burt has her students post their work on the class blog. I think that posting the students' work on the blogs is an excellent way to get the students more motivated. I definitely will use this advice when I become a teacher. The blog is public; therefore, the parents and anyone else has access to the students' writing. Mrs. Burt is helping the parents through email and Facebook by setting up an RSS feed. Their access to the internet is slim, so when they check their accounts, they can see the posts made. I love the fact that the parents are so involved, and they have a desire to connect with the children. I think a parent's approval is an important aspect for all children to succeed. The things Mrs. Burt is doing with her class and the opportunities she is creating makes me extremely excited to become a teacher. I have learned so much, and I am so thankful for her words of wisdom.

Dorothy Burt's Manaiakalani Blog

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



ALEX is Alabama's Learning Exchange, in which teachers can look at different courses of study, lesson plans, podcasts, grow in professional learning, and have a personal workspace. Under lesson plans, teachers can create their own or they view other ideas. There are numerous podcasts that they can listened to, and the ideas are endless. Teachers can expand their knowledge in leadership and evaluation, library media, english language learners, special education, and distance learning. To further enrich professional growth and communication, teachers can view other educators resources, such as ALEX/thinkfinity training, listservs, professional organizations, grant opportunities, professional development, and tips and tricks. The personal workspace is useful for creating and sharing lesson plans and teacher web pages. All of these tools can greatly benefit any teacher.

I think ALEX can definitely improve any classroom and is an excellent way to keep in touch with other teachers and what is taking place in the state of Alabama. I personally love communicating with other people and getting feedback on my ideas. WIth the personal workspace, I can create lesson plans and websites and share them with other teachers. We can collaborate about different ideas and strategies to use in the classroom, and we can help each other with interesting approaches and assignments. I also think the podcasts are great, and I love keeping up with what is taking place in the Educational World. I think the lesson plan tool is extremely beneficial. As a teacher, you can view examples and get great ideas. It also provides organization and structure for a new teacher. I know this website will help me in the future, and not only do I get to share websites and lesson plans, but I also can attend workshops and learn more about different subjects.

ALEX logo


ACCESS is Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators, and Students Statewide, and it is a distance learning environment that provides classroom courses and teachers via technology. The State of Alabama's vision is to provide equal access to high quality instruction to improve student achievement through distance learning. ACCESS is available to all high school students living in Alabama. Similar to a typical high school, ACCESS offers three semesters: Fall, Spring, and Summer. The components of ACCESS is to blend web-based and interactive videoconferencing courses taught by Alabama certified and highly qualified teachers. The goal is to provide access to advanced diploma courses, additional course offerings, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment to all students. It also provides teachers with multimedia and tools to enhance instruction. Some of the technology used includes cameras, monitors and/or projectors, interactive whiteboards, 25 tablet computers, and wireless internet. ACCESS hopes to one day have 45,000 enrollments.

I do agree that ACCESS is creating a great environment for many students. The use of technology is definitely enhancing learning and creating more opportunities for students. As a future English teacher, however, I think that distance learning is beneficial but can also eliminate valuable discussion. I will always prefer the traditional classroom with the incorporation of technology. I think that many students will benefit from distance learning, and it appears to prepare the students quite well for the collegiate level. If my students have this opportunity, I will definitely encourage them to pursue this direction in learning because everyone learns differently. I am quite impressed with the opportunities and goals that ACCESS provides. It is encouraging knowing that the State of Alabama is using technology and offer a new way of learning to high school students. I am excited to see what the future holds, but I will always wish to remain in a classroom engaging in discussion with my students.



Comments for Kids

This week I watched Mr. Tyson's students' science videos. I watched a video on Halogens, and I thought it was quite informative. They did a fantastic job creating the video, and I thought the sock puppets they used were a creative idea. I greatly enjoyed it. I think it is great that the students are learning and then teaching what they have learned through videos. I love how technology is changing the classroom.

To view more videos

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Randy Pausch

A picture of Randy Pausch and his familyRandy Pausch's The Last Lecture

Well, I am going to be completely honest. I rarely get choked up when I read or watch something, but I seriously almost started crying at the end of this video. I know we are supposed to be discussing Randy Pausch's teaching methods, but I cannot get over his ending comments. It makes me so sad knowing that he would be my Mom's age, but pancreatic cancer took his life. He appeared to be an extremely intelligent man, who loved his life and family. He truly cared about his students and enabling them to accomplish their dreams. I think Randy Pausch gave excellent advice, and he definitely made a huge impact on society.

His idea of head fake or indirect learning is probably the best idea for teachers. Head fake is when you are teaching something important but trick the students into believing they are learning something else. I remember numerous times when my teachers used this technique, and I know it almost always works. The most prominent example I can recall is the use of games to help the students learn. I also liked Randy Pausch's idea of experience. He said that experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted. I think this a great way to view the learning process. We do not always come to a conclusion or succeed in the way we would like. The experience we get, however, is more important because we learn and grow from it. To follow this idea, he said that the "brick walls," or things that hold us back in life, are put in our life for a reason. They show how bad we want something and are willing to fight for it. As teachers, we have to be careful of what we wish for, and we must be conscience of the good and bad ways of informing our students. If we go about things in the right way, we may just be able to have our cake and eat it too.

Randy Pausch also discusses the role of the professor. As a teachers, we should work on enabling our students to reach their childhood dreams. We should never restrict them, so he suggest that we give them whatever rules they want. The most important things to consider are creating a good learning environment, do not limit them, and keep pushing the students towards their dreams. A good learning environment includes freedom to grow and learn. He said that he does not use book learning in his classroom, but instead, he lets the students work in groups, and he takes numerous field trips for extra experiences. He said that feedback is imperative, and Randy Pausch believes that having fun while learning is hard yet to accomplish, but excellent if it happens.

In his concluding thoughts, Randy Pausch said the best encouragement comes from parents, mentors, teachers, and colleagues. He believes that loyalty is a two way street, and that people should believe in themselves, never give up,tell the truth, be earnest, apologize, focus on other people, show gratitude, do not complain, do not bail, work harder, be good at something, find the best in everybody, be prepared, and most importantly, have fun. The biggest thing is that brick walls allow us to show our dedication, and this separates us from people who do not want to achieve their dreams. We should cherish what we learn and use it. As teachers, we should try to achieve our childhood dreams and enable others' dreams. He ends his speech saying that this lecture was a head fake teaching us that we should remember the lessons we have learned, so we will know how to lead our life. The lecture he gave was not for the listeners, but for his children to remember.

To listen to his full Lecture

Comments for Kids

This week I read Jesus' Ode to Bubblegum:

Oh bubblegum, oh bubblegum
You are so chewy and awesome
I love your size and flavor
Especially when you’re in a jaw breaker
Watermelon, sour apple, and cherry
Mint, spearmint, grape, and blueberry
I especially like it when you’re so sour
It makes it so hard, for you, to devour
I don’t have gum, so I go to the store
Which is a waste of time because you’ll end up losing your flavor

I thought this was extremely creative, and I loved the individuality and voice that could be heard through the words. He did a great job rhyming, and I really enjoyed reading his work.

Jesus' Blog

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekly Comments

Comments for Teachers

Over the past three weeks, I have been following Mrs. Kelly Hines, a fourth grade teacher from North Carolina. Through her skype conversation and her blog, I have learned so much from her. In the first post I read, she discussed taking leadership at school. I have always been involved, and as a teacher, I hope that I can have an influence on important issues that arise. Mrs. Hines' suggestions are extremely helpful, and I plan on sticking my neck out, like she suggests.

In her second post, she willingly admitted that she needed to start fresh in her classroom. After the first semester, she told her class they were officially in fourth grade, no longer grade 3.5. I was extremely impressed with her humble spirit. I have encountered so many teachers who are not willing to humble themselves and admit that they need improvement. I love that she has a desire for her students to do their best. I think it is imperative that the teacher encourages the students, and through the praise, the students no longer have to be pushed, but they want to achieve. I think it is great that she was completely honest with her students. As a future teacher, I hope that I can exemplify the same courage she has.

In the last post I read, she discusses the importance of teachers inspiring and encouraging their students. I agree that there is a need for all teachers to inspire the children. I too hope that I can reach my students and help them realize their full potential. I am extremely excited to be a teacher, and I cannot wait for all the experiences I will encounter. Mrs. Hines talked about how she was self-motivated and did not have a teacher that really touched her life, but her grandmother and students did greatly encourage her. While I have had 2-3 teachers that have inspired me, my grandmother and mother are the two people in my life that have always encouraged to do whatever I want. Through their encouragement, I have grown as a person, and I am able to motivate myself and work towards my dreams.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Mrs. Hines' posts, and I have learned so much through her words. Her advice and thoughts have greatly helped me. I agree that it is important to inspire our students and be willing to admit that we do not know everything and we are not always right. I thanked her for being a teacher who truly cares and is willing to share and help others.

To learn more, follow Mrs. Kelly Hines' blog

This is How We Dream

Richard Miller presents a very important issue that has been circulating throughtout the Humanities, and many people have addressed the fact that our world of English is drastically changing. Students are no longer wanting to just read and write, but they have a desire to listen and then produce. While I, to a certain extent, agree with my generation, I believe I still hold the love for reading and writing. It is imperative, however, that as teachers we adjust to the demands of our students, and that is creating a better environment and incorporating new ways of learning into our classroom.

In my Teaching Composition class, we have been discussing this exact idea. Instead of simply writing a research paper, authors Blasingame and Bushman believe students prefer a multi-genre approach to writing. In this approach, students are able to write in a more creative way while still using research as the core of the assignment. I think this is the same idea that Richard Miller has about using technology in writing. Students are adapting to the technology world; however, the teachers are the ones who are extremely apprehensive to change the traditional ways of learning.

I strongly agree with Richard Miller's points on writing with multi-media, although I must include myself in the traditional teaching group. While I love technology and using it to create new projects and research, I still tend to lean towards more traditional ways reading and writing. My desire for my future students is that they care to learn and further their knowledge. I want my students to grow as people as well as writers, and I want them to have confidence and assurance that they can succeed in different areas in life. I hope they want to go beyond the set expectations and think outside of the simple-minded ideas we are taught. My goal as an English teacher is to introduce new material and ideas, and to teach them the importance of learning and how to apply their knowledge to life outside of school. While I still want my students to love reading and writing through discussion and analysis, I realize that the majority of my students will prefer using technology; therefore, I must try to figure out ways to include both, so they can have a love for both types of learning.

"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice" -- Anton Chekhov

The Networked Student

I think that networking is quite beneficial for students to enhance their learning experience. Networking allows students to experience knowledge far beyond the biased viewpoint of a textbook. By students networking, they are able to read numerous amounts of information, watch videos, and see how other students are reacting the same subject. I definitely think that networking creates a great learning environment that can truly assist students in higher learning.

The question: "Why does the networked student even need a teacher?" definitely makes me wonder if it will come to this. The video stated that the teacher helps the student with researching and assists when needed. I understand that it is important to help the students use the web and grow as a student; however, I want to do more than help with a PLN. I think as an English teacher, my job should be to instruct students about the English language and introduce them to various works of Literature. I will have gone to college for four years and learned a great deal about English, and I think my purpose is to share this information and the great works of literature.

I definitely think I could use this approach in my class; however, I would only use it to make the students learn more about what I am teaching. It will give them a better opportunity to find out more and use their creativity to better understand authors and the importance of preserving literature. I think a PLN can benefit the students when it comes to a research project. Instead of being stuck in a library, the students can surf the web and find people to converse with and very important information pertaining to their topic. Overall, I like the idea of a PLN but I still want to be the teacher and instruct my students.

This a graph displaying a Personal Learning Network

Michael Wesch

I thought Michael Wesch's video on the Evolution of Whatever was quite interesting, and defintely reflected the nature of people in the 21st century. I, myself, would not necessarily put myself in the grouping of people who feel the need to expose their personal lives all over the web; however, I can definitely understand the want to feel accepted. I do have a Facebook, but I don't put a lot of personal information on there. His comments on the new generation wanting to be individuals and known is so accurately true. I honestly think some people go way beyond just wanting fame, and I don't understand their reasoning. I think it is important to know that students react in this way, because it will allow me to better understand them and teach them and respond to them in the best way possible.

Comments for Kids

This week, I read Jenna's blog from Mrs. Kolbert's class. She discussed why she should be a representative for her class. Jenna made some great points, and I gave her some advice for being a representative. I told her to always keep her promise, otherwise, her fellow students will probably not re-elect her. She sounded like she would love this opportunity, so I hope she wins!!!

Jenna's Blog

My Personal Learning Network

As I began creating my PLN, I decided to follow English teachers, since that is what I aspire to be. I have used Twitter to follow teachers and writers, and I have also read articles from English Journal. I want to learn more about teaching English and productive ways to present literature and writing to students whom might not have a desire to learn. By following writers, I hope to find interesting ways to teach writing and allow my students to be more creative with it. I think I will be able to find a great amount of information in all these topics.

One of the main people I have been following is Jim Burke, an English professor and author. He has great information on his blog, The English Teacher's Companion. He discusses ways to include your students in discussion, ways to improve teaching, and talks about different novels. I really enjoy reading his posts, and I think I can learn a lot from him.

I hope to continue finding more teachers and authors that can assist me in coming up with interesting approaches for teaching reading and writing. I also want to learn more about incorporating technology with literature. Like I have said, I love discussion based classes, but I also think it will be great to include technology through discussion. I also want to find teachers who are teaching English over seas. I am excited to learn more and grow through my PLN, and I am interested in finding more information concerning English and Technology.

A video posted by Jim Burke

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dr. Alice Christie

On Dr. Christie's website, there are many useful components that can definitely help teachers in the classroom. The section I browsed through was her publications. Dr. Christie discusses many interesting topics throughout her different articles. One article that presented an on-going struggle in the classroom was Recognizing (Almost) Invisible Gender Bias in Teacher-Student Interactions. Dr. Christie discusses how she interacts differently with boys and girls. I also learned about gender stereotypes in my EDF class. Many times, teachers will handle different situations depending on if it concerns a boy or a girl. It is easy to spend more time with boys and explain the process of how something works. Teachers will then compliment on their understanding. On the other hand, teachers will simply tell the girls how to do the assignment and compliment on their willingness to cooperate and join in on discussion. It is extremely easy to assign certain tasks and behaviors depending on the gender. This article presented interesting facts and ways to avoid the gender bias.

Language Arts Comes Alive as Middle School Learners Become Information Producers is an interesting approach to incorporating language arts into the classroom. In this article, Dr. Christie discusses the use of technology in the classroom and how it can help students with learning language arts. Her class made multimedia newspapers that were broadcast throughout the school. This technique introduces a different source of communication, and the students become information producers. I think this would be a great thing to incorporate into my curriculum because it gives the students a new way of communicating and constructing language. It still teachers the importance of writing but without the pen and paper. I love this idea, and I believe it can definitely work in an English class.

You can view more articles on Dr. Christie's Website

iTunes University

I have never thought about using iTunes for education, but it is amazing everything that can be found on iTunes U. I think iTunes University can be extremely helpful in the classroom. Teachers can post lectures, power points, videos, and so much more on iTunes for their students. Students get instant access to all the teacher's information and be able to do research to better prepare for class. Teachers can save so much time by using iTunes, and they can introduce their students to information from all over the world. iTunes U definitely makes it easier to find great information to use in the classroom.

iTunes University can be extremely helpful for both the teacher and the student. Teachers can view other universities, and they can share ideas. It makes it so much easier for teachers to share their assignments and findings with their students. Students no longer have to spend hours of research all over the web, but instead, can simply view tons of great stuff on iTunes. It appears to be much more convenient and easy to use. iTunes U can be used for practically anything, and it is great to incorporate into the classroom. Students can "learn anything, anytime, anywhere."

Find out more at iTunes U

iPods in the Classroom

iPods in the Classroom

For a couple of years now, Duke University has been distributing iPods to their students. The students use the iPods in the classroom, in which they can record lectures and have access to classroom content, such as historical speeches and foreign languages. The students can also use the iPods for field experiences, and they can record interviews and notes. By using the iPod, the students always have access to class notes and other necessary information. They also have access to iTunes University. There are some problems associated with the use of the iPod, but overall, it has greatly improved the classroom experience.

I think that distributing free iPods is a great idea, and I know I would greatly benefit from something similar to this. It would be so convenient to be able to record everything and have instant access to needed materials in and outside the classroom. The problem I face is that so many of my teachers at South do not allow the students to use any type of technology during class. We are forced to hand-write our notes, and print tons of articles and papers. While I do like using textbooks over e-books, I am much faster at typing and it is simply easier to use a computer. I wish South would consider this; however, I am almost positive they would say the intuition would have to be raised. Obviously, the incorporation of technology in the classroom has greatly benefited the faculty and the students.

To read the full article visit Duke University

Comments for Kids

This past week, I commented on Isabella's Senna and Sharko's Scary Adventure. I really enjoyed her story, and I thought it was great how her classmates were able to give constructive criticism about her piece. They all said what they liked about it, and they also gave suggestions on what could be changed. I really enjoyed viewing the Endless Ocean blog, and I thought all the students were extremely creative. I loved seeing the students' work and their improvement.

Isabella's Story

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Wikipedia Globe

Wikipedia, based on the information I have viewed, does not appear to be reliable. While it can be helpful, it is proven that anybody can change the information, and the majority of people are not truthful. I honestly understand why people change the information if it makes them look bad; however, the use of Wikipedia should not be used for formal researching. All of my teachers have always told me it is not an acceptable source, and now, I completely understand why. I must admit that I have used Wikipedia numerous times in the past, but never for a school assignment. I like to randomly research different topics, and Wikipedia is always the first option. I do look at other sources, and I will definitely not trust articles that are controversial or about a corporation or person still living. I do not want to completely discredit Wikipedia because some parts are accurate, but we just have to be cautious to the fact that there are frauds editing the articles.

At the Teacher's Desk

I found Mr. McClung's blog about his first year of teaching quite interesting and helpful. I think his decision to stay positive is a key to being a teacher. My sister is an English teacher, and she tells me crazy stories about her students all the time, and from her reflections, I know that times can be extremely rough. I found all of Mr. McClung's ideas to be completely accurate about how teachers respond to the classroom. The biggest thing I agree with is the importance of communication. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. I hate it when there is a lack of communication in any area of life. Without good communication, everything seems to fall apart.

As a teacher, I want to be flexible and student centered. Sometimes, I do think I have too high of expectations that I want for my students, but I think it is better to want your students to do extremely well rather than have hardly any faith in them and allow them to stay comfortable in who they are and their ability to work. I believe it is extremely important to always listen to our students, otherwise, we will never fully understand their desires and needs. As a teacher, I hope to always put my students first, and actually consider what is best for them, not what I want to do. I want my students to have a desire for higher learning and to want to succeed in school and life.

Comments for Kids

This week, I viewed Tylah's work on the Little Voices, Little Scholars blog. She is in Second Grade and in Room 7. I was able to look at Tylah's work from the first grade, and I loved her stories and pictures she drew. I thought the kids were absolutely adorable, and I would love to teach children like Tylah. I think it is great that these young children are already so technologically literate.

Tylah's Blog

Saturday, February 6, 2010


The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom
This is a picture of an iPod replacing a book
I found this video quite interesting, and I enjoyed watching it. I liked how it showed a classroom, and I was able to hear from the teacher, students, and principal. All of the students seemed to really enjoy using podcasts, and I found that podcasts for this class was extremely beneficial. I thought the video was extremely informative and useful. One of the reasons they gave for using podcasts was when students are sick and have to stay home from school, they can still listen to the teacher's lecture. I had actually never thought of this, but I do agree that podcasts can definitely help the students.

My only concern with this is that before we know it, we will not be attending regular schools. I am honestly scared that technology will take the place of our schools and maybe even teachers. So many classes have already switched to online instead of the classroom, and personally, I find myself learning more when I am sitting in a classroom with my professor and other classmates. I think discussion is imperative to higher knowledge, and I definitely prefer discussion based classes. While I know we can skype and use other resources to all communicate, I cannot help but still desire to be in a classroom. My brother is in the nursing program, and the professors have decided to eliminate textbooks. Instead, every student is required to purchase an iPod touch and download the books onto it. While this technique can be useful, my brother and I both agree that we would rather have a big textbook to read and highlight. Sometimes I know I am old fashioned, but I do not think technology can completely benefit every aspect of our world.

Comments for Kids

This first week on Comments for Kids, I viewed Ms. Deyenberg's Class Blog. I had the privilege to read Sam's Grade 5 Blog. He wrote about all different things, but I commented on his week at school. He discussed his Thanksgiving dinner, and his adventures at school. I thought he wrote quite well, and I really enjoyed reading his blogs. He put a lot of enthusiasm into his writing. I love reading all the children's blogs.

Sam's Blog

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Mission in Guatemala

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Media Literacy

These students are quite impressive, and I think so highly of Mrs. Cassidy for incorporating technology into her classroom. I noticed she said that the students wanted her to upload the video to their blog so they could watch it again. I think it is great how involved and excited the students are. This video obviously proves the children can understand technology and learn by using it. The students seem extremely smart, and they are more technologically literate than I am. I loved watching them interact with one another, and seeing how helpful they are. I feel like I can learn a great deal by just watching them.

I also looked at their individual blogs. I love how they blog about so many different things, and you can see the improvement in their writing. I have been learning how students are apprehensive in writing, and I believe by using blogs to introduce writing, the students will greatly benefit. It gives them an opportunity to express themselves and know that writing is not a frightening thing. If they are already achieving these things in the first grade, I cannot imagine what they will be doing in high school. I think it is great that Mrs. Cassidy is doing this with her class, and I hope I can be as beneficial and helpful to my future students.

Kayla's MomThese are two photos from Kathy Cassidy's First Grade Class in Moose Jaw, Canada. She uses different web techniques to teach her students. These photos were located on their blogs.

Destanee's Christmas Tree

Click Here to view more of the students' blogs.

Little Kids... Big Potential

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! I am so impressed with these first graders. It is absolutely amazing how the teacher has incorporated so much on the web. I think it is great that Ms. Cassidy has taught her students have to use technology, and through it, they are also learning basic skills. I am sure the students love talking to other classes, commenting on blogs, and play their Nintendo in class. I think it is important to introduce technology to young children. So many people underestimate children, but kids these days are extremely brilliant. It almost scares me a little bit. By the time I am at teacher, I feel like my students will know way more than me.

When I was in first grade, I was learning how to read. These students are writing on blogs and communicating with people all over the world. It has only been fifteen years, and first grade has already changed drastically. In second grade, I remember having a pen pal, in which we hand wrote letters to them. Now, kids are skyping and directly talking to one another. I am astounded. After watching these children, I almost feel overwhelmed. Technology is invading our world, and I have to be ready so I will not be dominated by my own students. I am still utterly amazed by this.

i Phone

I cannot believe a one year old is operating a cell phone. This young child could barely talk, yet he completely comprehended what he was doing. He was not just touching the phone. When his mom said go home, he knew exactly what to do. I have a niece who is ten months old, and although, she cannot operate a cell phone, she does have a fascination for cell phones. Any time she sees one, she instantly starts reaching for it. I have a feeling before too long, she too will be operating it. It is amazing how fast young children are learning and actually comprehending what they are doing.

I did not get a cellphone until I was 16, and I just recently got a Blackberry. I had to get help learning how to work it. My mom and other people I know still do not know how to operate cellphones. I think it is imperative that the older generation do learn, because before too long, they will not be able to live in this world. Our world is dominated with technology, and we must know how to operate it. If we refuse, our children will be controlling the world around us. That is a bit frightening in my opinion.


I found the six podcasts quite interesting, and I definitely learned a lot about different approaches to creating podcasts. There were many things that I liked and would use in my podcast; however, I did find some of them a little informal, and I did not enjoy listening to them. While I understand the approach depends on the audience, in my opinion, I believe it is important to sound professional. I think that it is important to keep things formal and topics appropriate, especially when so many people will be listening.

I was quite impressed with Ed Tech Talk. The speakers were all women and appeared to be teachers. While they did take a long time before actually introducing the subject, I enjoyed listening in. They instantly got my attention, and all the while, they remained formal and appropriate throughout the podcast. I liked how they had people from Australia, and they all discussed their experiences in the classroom. I really felt like I was there with them, and I could relate to them. I also enjoyed listening to David Warlick in Connect Learning, Episode 96. He involved his audience, and he asked for their opinions. He asked them questions, and he appreciated all their good ideas. I liked how it was formal, yet it felt like they were inviting me to join in on the discussion. KidCast on video podcasting was very informative, and I liked how he explained and gave reasons for choosing this method. The podcast was very appropriate for the listeners, and he was quite humorous, which got my attention. He talked about when choosing which type of podcast to use, it is important to consider the audience and the experience they will have. I thought this was excellent advice.

Macbreak Weekly did a pretty good job discussing iPad; however, I felt like there were too many people discussing it, and they used a lot of slang. I did like that they incorporated other technology, Skype, in the podcast. I was quite displeased with the SmartBoard Lesson. The man was discussing while ordering breakfast. While he was relaxed, I found it extremely inappropriate because he kept putting the podcast on hold so he could order. The topic was interesting and informative, but I would suggest that he be a little more professional. The one podcast that I thought was extremely inappropriate was TWIP. They were discussing racism in photography, which is actually an interesting topic. The people, however, did not seem to take the situation seriously. They were making jokes about different races and how the cameras' facial recognition setting was not picking up different races. When Asians blink, the camera does not accept the picture, and the camera does not even pick up the dark complexion of African Americans. I honestly would not use racism to describe what is taking place. When someone is racist, they believe they are superior to all other races; therefore, I would not say there is racism in photography. This podcast could have made a big impact on me; however, I thought it was ridiculous how the people reacted to the situation taking place.

During my podcast, I hope to be professional and make an impact on the people listening to me. While I want the environment to be fun and feel comfortable, I think it is extremely important to know when it is appropriate to joke. I hope to involve many people and incorporate different technology into my podcast. I think asking controversial questions is a great way to involve the audience and hear different perspectives on the topic. The main thing I hope to do is choose topics that my audience can relate to and grow from the information that is given.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Calendar for EDM 310

Click Here for Class Calendar

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Social Media Count

Gary Hayes' Social Media Count is unbelievable. I could not fathom how quickly the numbers were changing. It is insane how many people are doing things on the web throughout the world. The internet absolutely amazes me. I love that I can Google anything and get an accurate answer, and that I can instantly communicate with so many different people. The internet truly makes life so much better and convenient. I honestly cannot imagine living without instant access to everything. A part of me does wish my life was not as consumed with the internet and keeping up to date with the world. While I thoroughly enjoy the entertainment it brings, I feel I have become obsessed with sending emails and checking my Facebook. By seeing this data, I question what my priorities are in life, and am I okay with this life style.

As an education major, I know the internet will definitely help my future students and what can be done in the classroom. It would be quite difficult to do research, inform the class about current events, and provide additional information concerning the curriculum. I have always used the internet to contact my professors, research topics, and use helpful websites to better understand the texts I am reading. After only being in EDM for two weeks, I can already see the benefits of this class. I am connecting with so many people world wide, using the internet to create documents to share, and using the computer to make videos and pod casts that can be used as teaching material. It amazes me how I can sit at home and be connected with the class and watch Dr. Strange as he teaches us new techniques on the computer. Although there are some disadvantages in using the internet, the endless possibilities that enhance learning far outweigh the few negative aspects.

A Vision of Students Today

While I do agree with many of the comments in this video, I must admit my college experience is not quite like the one displayed. I do spend a lot of time doing homework; however, I believe it is important and necessarily for the class. I also pay attention in class, and I do not play on the internet or my phone during a lecture. Although I did attend a small community college and now South, I always get to know my professor. I do not want to be just a face in a huge crowd of students. I want the professor to know who I am. I get involved and become a part of something at the school. I enjoy college, and now that I am out of basic courses, I extremely enjoy class and learning new things concerning English and Education.

One thing I do agree with is that most of the information we are taught we do not need in life. While the classes are teaching us new things, I honestly remember it for the test and then forget it. I am majoring in English Education, and I do not think I need Math and Science to make me a better English teacher. Yes, I am a well-rounded student, but the majority of the things I have been taught I do not remember. It would seem more beneficial to only take classes that concern the individual course of study. I think to make this video represent my experience more, I would add images portraying classes in which the instructor does not simply stand at the front lecturing, but instead, engaging the students in class discussions. I also played soccer and attended the Baptist Student Union. I am not a student that just goes to class and then disappears. My college experience has taught me better social skills, has forced me to grow as a person, and has introduced me to different ways of thinking and viewing the world. I enjoy class and learning new knowledge. I like being a diverse person.

It's Not About The Technology

The comment I mostly agree with made by Kelly Hines is that while technology is quite important, it is not the first thing we should change in the classroom. Yes, technology can greatly influence the way students learn, but basically, it is up to the teacher accommodating the students, and the students' desire to actually learn. I also strongly agree that teachers must also be learners. If we, the teachers, believe we are so much higher and above our students, how can we reach our class? I, personally, do not want to sit in a class listening to a teacher who will not give me an opportunity to speak my thoughts. We must be willing to learn from our students and teach ourselves how to use new technology. It is merely up to the teacher to learn how to work technology to improve learning. We have to learn how to teach each individual student based on their learning styles, otherwise, we have failed as teachers. We have done no good drilling information into them when they do not get it. If the teacher does not have the desire to use technology in the classroom, there is no need for the school to spend thousands of dollars. Teachers must want this improvement and be willing to learn to use the innovative tools.

Although I personally enjoy using technology, I do think it is important for instructors to be able to teach without it. I hope that when I become a teacher, I can use technology to enhance my curriculum. I do not want to rely on the technology to teach my students. I think technology can improve the classroom, but at the same time, students may not always have access. Therefore, the students will still be able to do the required work without the use of technology. I hope that as a teacher I will remain a learner, teach while keeping learning at the core, keep my students focused on learning, and incorporate technology within my classroom to improve my students' learning abilities. I want to be a 21st Century teacher without the technology.

Technologically Illiterate Teachers

"If a teacher today is not technologically literate - and is unwilling to make the effort to learn more - it's equivalent to a teacher 30 years ago who didn't know how to read and write." - Karl Fisch

This comment really made me think about technologically illiterate teachers, and made me question if it was okay or not. I must agree with Mr. Fisch that it is extremely important for teachers to be able to use technology in the classroom. Technology consumes our world, and it is impossible to live without knowing how to use the technology that is being created at an expeditious rate. Technology has greatly improved the way teachers bring forth new information, and it also gives the students endless opportunities to research and create. No longer do we have to hand-write and print out papers. Everything can be on a computer and shared across the world instantly. Students with hearing and seeing disabilities greatly benefit from technology. There are so many new devices that assist them in new learning styles. It amazes me how technology has made our world better, yet we still have people who are apprehensive when using it.

I must admit that I was not excited about taking the EDM 310 class because I did not think it was relevant for an education major. I was quite naive in having this perspective, and I never really thought about how much technology effects our world, especially in the classroom. While I am still wondering the importance for Skype and Twitter, I can see how Google Docs, pod casts, and videos will improve the classroom. My attitude towards the class has changed, and I am looking forward to becoming a more technologically literate teacher. I want my future students to have numerous possibilities for learning, and I do not want to deprive them of an education that is meaningful and beneficial for life.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Did You Know?

This video was extremely interesting. I had no idea that technology effected the world so drastically. I am amazed that China will soon be the #1 English speaking country in the world. All of the information given makes me really think about how the world is changing. It is quite unbelievable that just a few years ago the world did not have touch screen phones and other technological devices. I, myself, have a laptop, Zune, and Blackberry phone. Now that I own these things, I cannot live without them. It is almost impossible to live in this world and not know how to use technology; we are practically forced to succumb to this way of living.

My mother still has trouble with her cellphone and the Internet. It makes her life much more difficult. I love all the new technology because I understand how to use it. On the other hand, I do sympathize with the older generations. They learned how to work with their hands, while now we are being taught how to use our minds more. Yes, we are advanced and hold great improvements; however, my only concern is when times get bad, and as a country, we cannot provide for ourselves because we only know how to operate technology. While the world is changing and tremendously growing, I do agree that everyone needs to be able to operate these new devices to live an easier life. It is amazing how so many countries have made these great accomplishments, and the brilliance that penetrates from the people.

Mr. Winkle

"It was comforting to know, that even after 100 years, some things still remain the same." While this comment is quite true, we all know that the world around us is not the same. There are many great changes that have definitely made the world a better place to live. With new technology in business, people are able to communicate better and work more efficiently. There is no denying that the technology in hospitals have increased health care. A hundred years ago, people were dying from simply fevers and viruses. Now, we have medicine that instantly rids these nuisances from our body, and we can even detect health problems in the mother's womb. It is amazing how much better the world is because of these innovations.

One disturbing thing the video mentioned, however, is that the school was the one thing that had remained the same. Like the rest of the world, the school should be introducing technology and teaching the students how to operate the devices. While the basic curriculum will most likely be similar, the way teachers instruct and deliver the information can be better. I came from a high school that had computers, dry erase boards, and maybe two smart-boards. I then proceeded to go to a community college where some of the classrooms had smart-boards; however, many of the rooms also had simple chalk boards. The library did have computers with Internet access. I am now attending USA, and I was quite surprised to find that all the classrooms have chalk boards, and hardly any have smart-boards. While education, like all other fields, is changing immensely, technology should be promoted and used to better enhance the learning environment. If the school, which is the foundation, remains the same, how will any of us truly grow and experience the great discoveries of the world?

Creativity in Schools

Ken Robinson makes an extremely strong and valid point about the education system. I completely agree with his theory, and knowing that creativity is being destroyed in school, I also believe the Arts should flourish once more. I think it is quite degrading to artists when the education world views them as inferior to the "normal" students. Without creative minds, the world would be a very dull, mundane place to live. Although art is required in the school, I believe students should be given more opportunities to grow in their gifts. From a young age, art, dance, and music should all be integrated into the typical daily schedule. These type of classes cause the students to think for themselves and go beyond the set curriculum; they allow the students to discover their own abilities and enable creativity to emerge.

I loved the example given about Jillian, the choreographer. There are so many children like Jillian who have learning disabilities; however, they succeed in music, art, dance, and even sports. Not all children learn the same way, and each child should be given an equal opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of learning. I, myself, was told that I had a learning disability in the first grade. I now excel in soccer and love art. While I do enjoy the basic core classes, I always look forward in using my creativity to enhance school projects and create new things, whether it is through words or art. I hope that the school goes back to incorporating more art into the curriculum and allow students to embrace their creativity.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

I think Vicki Davis has done an amazing job incorporating technology in the rural area of Georgia. I, myself, came from a small town, and it is difficult when we do not get to experience new technology. I had no idea that schools were so connected with the web. It amazes me that young students are learning for themselves and even teaching the instructor new things. My computer courses in middle and high school simply taught basic computer knowledge. I have already been learning many new things, and this video has given me hope for the future.

When I see young people interacting on the web, I want to become more technologically literate as well. I hope that when I become a teacher, I can use the web and technology to instruct my students and give them more ways to learn. I appreciate the hard work Mrs. Davis has done, and I have been inspired to consider new ways of teaching to make a bigger impact on my future students. I appreciate her hard work and the many websites she has created.