Saturday, February 6, 2010


The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom
This is a picture of an iPod replacing a book
I found this video quite interesting, and I enjoyed watching it. I liked how it showed a classroom, and I was able to hear from the teacher, students, and principal. All of the students seemed to really enjoy using podcasts, and I found that podcasts for this class was extremely beneficial. I thought the video was extremely informative and useful. One of the reasons they gave for using podcasts was when students are sick and have to stay home from school, they can still listen to the teacher's lecture. I had actually never thought of this, but I do agree that podcasts can definitely help the students.

My only concern with this is that before we know it, we will not be attending regular schools. I am honestly scared that technology will take the place of our schools and maybe even teachers. So many classes have already switched to online instead of the classroom, and personally, I find myself learning more when I am sitting in a classroom with my professor and other classmates. I think discussion is imperative to higher knowledge, and I definitely prefer discussion based classes. While I know we can skype and use other resources to all communicate, I cannot help but still desire to be in a classroom. My brother is in the nursing program, and the professors have decided to eliminate textbooks. Instead, every student is required to purchase an iPod touch and download the books onto it. While this technique can be useful, my brother and I both agree that we would rather have a big textbook to read and highlight. Sometimes I know I am old fashioned, but I do not think technology can completely benefit every aspect of our world.

Comments for Kids

This first week on Comments for Kids, I viewed Ms. Deyenberg's Class Blog. I had the privilege to read Sam's Grade 5 Blog. He wrote about all different things, but I commented on his week at school. He discussed his Thanksgiving dinner, and his adventures at school. I thought he wrote quite well, and I really enjoyed reading his blogs. He put a lot of enthusiasm into his writing. I love reading all the children's blogs.

Sam's Blog


Wm Chamberlain said...

Don't worry, there will always be teachers in the classrooms. We work cheaper than day care ;)

Jamie Lynn said...

Hahaha, that is extremely true. The reason why I said that is because some of the English courses at USA are already becoming hybrid. I do not understand how students can benefit from this. It simply frustrates me.

Paula Casallo said...

Hello Jamie! It's Paula from church. Just checking in on your blog to see how you feel about all this technology in the classroom. I too am concerned about technology taking over the teacher's role in the classroom. I enjoy the interaction of the classroom. I think we are more motivated if we have classmates and real live teachers to encourage us. I just keep thinking about the movie WALL-E and hope and pray we don't get to that point. Have a great week!

John Hadley Strange said...

"Sometimes I know I am old fashioned...". No, just more comfortable with what you have mastered. We are all like that.

The problem is that you intend to be a teacher in a world which is not like the one you mastered and love. If you teach in that world you must live in it as well. Maybe, and I emphasize maybe, you can get some of the new age kids to appreciate your world. But only a few, and probably in decreasing numbers. So you will have to live in two worlds. I am absolutely confident that you will do that extremely successfully. And I know if you were the master planner of the future you would not have it that way. But you are not.

I share your concerns to a certain degree. But I have come to realize that I must change and make the best of it. There is a LOT for us "old fashioned" types to do to make the new world better than it might be without our "old fashioned" ideas. Just don't think you will be able to turn the clock back. That won't happen!

John Hadley Strange said...

P.S. Great picture!