Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Wikipedia Globe

Wikipedia, based on the information I have viewed, does not appear to be reliable. While it can be helpful, it is proven that anybody can change the information, and the majority of people are not truthful. I honestly understand why people change the information if it makes them look bad; however, the use of Wikipedia should not be used for formal researching. All of my teachers have always told me it is not an acceptable source, and now, I completely understand why. I must admit that I have used Wikipedia numerous times in the past, but never for a school assignment. I like to randomly research different topics, and Wikipedia is always the first option. I do look at other sources, and I will definitely not trust articles that are controversial or about a corporation or person still living. I do not want to completely discredit Wikipedia because some parts are accurate, but we just have to be cautious to the fact that there are frauds editing the articles.

At the Teacher's Desk

I found Mr. McClung's blog about his first year of teaching quite interesting and helpful. I think his decision to stay positive is a key to being a teacher. My sister is an English teacher, and she tells me crazy stories about her students all the time, and from her reflections, I know that times can be extremely rough. I found all of Mr. McClung's ideas to be completely accurate about how teachers respond to the classroom. The biggest thing I agree with is the importance of communication. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. I hate it when there is a lack of communication in any area of life. Without good communication, everything seems to fall apart.

As a teacher, I want to be flexible and student centered. Sometimes, I do think I have too high of expectations that I want for my students, but I think it is better to want your students to do extremely well rather than have hardly any faith in them and allow them to stay comfortable in who they are and their ability to work. I believe it is extremely important to always listen to our students, otherwise, we will never fully understand their desires and needs. As a teacher, I hope to always put my students first, and actually consider what is best for them, not what I want to do. I want my students to have a desire for higher learning and to want to succeed in school and life.

Comments for Kids

This week, I viewed Tylah's work on the Little Voices, Little Scholars blog. She is in Second Grade and in Room 7. I was able to look at Tylah's work from the first grade, and I loved her stories and pictures she drew. I thought the kids were absolutely adorable, and I would love to teach children like Tylah. I think it is great that these young children are already so technologically literate.

Tylah's Blog


John Hadley Strange said...

You've got it right about Wikipedia. Be cautious about EVERY source. Even I am known to have certain biases and blind spots. I know you will find that hard to believe! But it is true. There I am, claiming to have the truth again!

I use Wikipedia all the time. I am just cautious with living persons/entities/corporations. Generally, Wikipedia is an excellent, quick resource. You just have to keep your eyes open and your brain on. EVERYONE has a slant they are trying to sell you. Even me. So question everything! I am certain I can count on you for that!

Mr. McClung is a great friend. We will probably have a Skype session with him this semester to see how Year 2 is continuing.

Wm Chamberlain said...

What happens when you have an unmotivated student? The motivated ones are easy, the others are the challenge you will face. Besides, does success at school always equate to success in life?

Penelope said...

I do have to agree with you that Wikipedia is unreliable. However, I do think that depending on the search topic it could be reliable.

Holly Ann said...

You're right that listening to your students and having communication with them is the key to having them become involved in their own learning. We need to motivate these children so they take on self responsibility to live up to their potential and the goals they set for themselves.