Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Morgan Bayda

The University of South Alabama institutionalized

An Open Letter to Educators

Dan Brown's video did an excellent job describing a typical college classroom. His passionate opinions address the problem in many universities today. So many teachers are not wanting to cooperate and accept this CHANGE that is taking place. I think it is ridiculous that I have teachers at the University of South Alabama that cannot simply attach a powerpoint to an email. When teachers are choosing to remain technologically illiterate, we, the students, are suffering. We live off technology, and we have adapted to the use of it. Like Morgan Bayda said, we are being cheated in our education. I think professors are lazy, or should I say arrogant, by simply lecturing the entire class period. When a teacher stands at the front of the classroom the whole time drilling information into my mind, I cannot help but think that the professor believes he/she is higher than me and does not care about my opinions.

I know that I do not learn by merely listening to a monotone professor lecture on a piece of literature for hours upon hours. I want to discuss and interact not only with the professor but with my fellow classmates. I want a teacher who is willing to admit he/she can still learn from a student and wants to include the students in on discussion. I think this is the only way to truly learn and grow. I do like the idea of the PLN because this gives students the chance to learn and share information. I can say that the experience I described above has rarely happened to me, and I am truly grateful. I know that when I become a teacher, I want to DISCUSS with my students and use technology to teach them.

Morgan Bayda's Blog

Comments for Kids

This past week I commented on the 2KM class. They recently had an assembly and some girls performed a dance to a song by The Veronicas. They did an excellent job, and it appeared that everyone greatly enjoyed it. I remember being that age and dancing to the Spice Girls. I love to dance, and I think it is a great way to express oneself. I encouraged the girls to keep dancing and having fun.

2KM's Dance


Amberly Elmore said...

I agree with your post, I never really thought a teachers could decrease a person's education, but they definitely can! I've had my share of teachers who drone on and on, and are so hard to handle because they themselves don't like the subject.

John Hadley Strange said...

What? You want a professor, a gifted intellect, to be able to attach a powerpoint presentation to an email? My goodness. What is this world coming to? Maybe a secretary, but surely not a professor! Fellow Professor Zaxs - Unite! The natives are getting restless!

Alicia said...

It never crossed my mind that an Educator could decrease a students potential to learn until I read Morgan Bayda's blog and watched Dan Brown's video, then reality hit, and I realized that I have teachers now that are doing it as we speak. Education should be something that is creative and interesting. It should empower students not make them dread going to class. Things really need to change I feel. Great Blog!!!