Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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Comments for Teachers

Over the past two weeks, I followed Ms. Shelly Terrell. She teaches English to all ages in Germany. Since I am planning on teaching overseas, I have been following many teachers who teach in different countries. Her blog is filled with inspiration, challenges, and resources. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing her blog, and I know I have learned so much. I will definitely continue following Ms. Terrell. The one post that truly spoke to me was about having faith in our students. She referenced having faith as small as a mustard seed, which comes from the Bible. It is so true what faith can do for you. I appreciate that she truly cares for her students and has a desire to help them realize their potential. My sister is an English teacher, and she has told me that some of the children that other teachers constantly complain about are her best students. They actually do well in her class and want to learn. I think this new attitude stems from the faith my sister has them. I definitely believe the way we view our students greatly effects their own perception. I vowed to take her challenge and be a teacher who also moves educational mountains. I thanked her for her words of wisdom.

Another challenge she made was teaching our students how to reflect instead of react. I think this is a great challenge for most people. It is extremely important to reflect on things that we have done, and also how we react to certain situations. I always try to come up with reasons why I reacted in the way I did. I try to control myself so I won't react out of anger or whatever my mood may be. I thought it was helpful that she distinguished between reaction and reflection. I also think blogging is a great way to reflect on ourselves. We can express ourselves and later look back on our emotions. She mentioned that she lost five students due to them reacting to a certain situation. I think it is quite imperative that we teach ourselves and our students the importance of thinking through things. I enjoyed the different challenges Ms. Terrell gave, and I hope to use all her advice when I become a teacher.

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