Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Children's Hands stacked on top of each other
Why is it important for students to post their work to blogs?

I believe posting students' work to a blog has many benefits. While we have to be careful with privacy issues, the experience and things learned far outweigh the concerns. I think that if students know their work is being published, they will definitely work harder. Who wants other people seeing what a horrible job one did? I know that I want people to think of the best of me, so I always work harder to impress people. I also think that sharing work can help others. It is a form of discussion, and by sharing, so many people can see other ideas and either agree of disagree. I love talking and sharing my thoughts with people, and posting students' work gives them an opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas, and possibly get feedback. Posting work also helps prevent plagiarism because everyone's work is instantly seen by the teacher. There is no possible way for a student to get away with copying someone's work.

I know with English, a blog is a perfect way to enhance writing. Blogging is very much like journaling. A blog can be a place for the students to free write, journal, pre-write, expand their work into an essay, proofread, answer discussion question, and share their work. Other people can provide feedback and help improve each others' writing. I think students' would take pride in their writing if they knew it was being published. The people they will encounter and the experiences they will be a part of will help them grow as people and writers. They will hear many different voices and can also speak their own voice. I will definitely use blogging in my English class for these reasons.

Peggy Gallo, former teacher, decided to create a website where teachers can actually publish students' work. Check it out at My little Book Project.

Examples of Students' Work:

PS 22 Choir singing Landslide.

Although Kaia is not a student, her blog has created a lot of conversation with students all over the world.

Although, I do not have a website, Isibeal Owens is a sixth grader at UMS-Wright in Mobile, AL. She is in a Latin class, and they have a class blog. Check out my interview with her farther down on my blog.

Comments for Kids

There are students all over the world that use blogs for educational purposes.
Here are just a few:

Mr. Tyson's 9th Grade Science Class

Mrs. Shetler's 7th Grade EduBlogs

Endless Ocean

Kathy Cassidy

Room 9 from Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand

Comments for Kids

This week I listened to another Mihi in Maori. Tafaoata talked about herself and her family. I really enjoyed listening in, and I thought she did a great job. I enjoyed hearing her Mihi because she spoke clearly and kept her attention on the audience. She did a wonderful job, and I wished her happy birthday!

Tafaoata's Mihi


Jessica Eaton said...

WOW, first of all, your blog is really great! good work :) I agree with you that the experience of technology seems to be worth the risks of privacy issues.

John Hadley Strange said...

Ok, I'll try again. My first post is still in the clouds - or somewhere else instead.

Excellent post with many fine examples that demonstrate the effectiveness of blogging and are worth a visit. I think that I am able to effectively interact with more of my students using blogs that I can in a traditional classroom dialogue. With blogs I communicate with every student, not just those who speak up in class. The one thing that is missing is the extended interaction that does result in a classroom discussion, but not with everyone. I have tried to duplicale that set of interactions through insisting gnat everyone comment, or that students comment on other students blogs. We do get some decent exchanges of ideas, but the depth of the conversation is not as great. All in all, I am glad that we have blogs to use.

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Jamie Lynn, I don't know if you are familiar with an old song "It only takes a spark, to get a fire going.." but that is what your contribution to those children on their blogs is about. By taking the time to stop by - as a stranger - you have affirmed their personal worth as human beings, the worth of the art of learning, and the worth of reaching out to others.
Thank you

Tiffany Clark said...

I enjoy reading your blog!! It is really straightforward and really explains better reason for posting blogs online. You brought a great point about writing can be improved through blogging. I have never thought about that. Great work!!!

Mary Ashley York said...

Wow! That's crazy...we have similar stories! I've played since 3rd grade and was going to play at University of Mobile but i tore my meniscus my senior year! I'm sorry that you tore your acl! That's intense! I snowboard but don't ski! Do you?

Mary Ashley York said...

I've never tried skiing but I would love to! I would love to play intramurally but my work schedule is so crazy! But I would love to somehow work that in to my schedule!!