Friday, April 30, 2010

What have I learned in EDM 310?

1. Over the past semester, I have learned so much. I have created presentations, forms, and spreadsheets in Google Docs. With Google Docs, I was able to share all my information with others and directly embed these projects into my blog. Blogger has been a place where I can communicate with others by sharing my own thoughts, pictures, videos, links, and so much more. In Blogger, I learned how to address accessibility issues by using alt and title with pictures. This feature helps those that are blind. On my blog, I posted voice recordings, YouTube videos, my Videocast, a Timetoast Timeline, a Google Earth project, and a Skype session that I used ScreenFlow to make. To enlarge my PLN, I used to Twitter to contact many English teachers. The use of Comments for Kids and Comments for Teachers greatly assisted me in my learning. I loved being able to communicate with teacher and students from all over the world. It was also great to comment on classmates' blogs. This was an opportunity to see how other people were responding to our assignments and see their progress. ALEX is a great tool for teachers because it shows the state curriculum and lesson plans. I have grown tremendously, and I am definitely more technologically literate than ever before. I think purchasing a Mac helped inspire me, and I loved figuring new things out and simply researching. I cannot wait to use everything I have learned in my classroom.

2. I loved everything we did in this class. I think it was all useful, and I actually learned a lot that was not assigned. By viewing other teachers' blog, I found new websites and tools to use. I feel like I got everything out of the class that I was supposed to plus more.

3. No, I do not want to forget anything I learned. I found everything extremely interesting and useful. Even if I cannot find a way to incorporate certain tools in y classroom, I am glad I learned how to use them anyways, and I never want to forget important knowledge. If I forget, then the class was useless to me.

4. At first, I dreaded the class, and I thought it was ridiculous that I had to take it. After making my first movie on my new Mac, I was hooked. I had a completely different perspective. I would spend hours just playing around and also viewing other people's blogs simply because I enjoyed learning more. I loved this class, and I hope to continue to learn more and more. Dr. Strange, I will definitely keep in touch.

5. I actually did not find anything to be too intellectually challenging. If I couldn't figure it out on my own, I either found tutorials or sought help elsewhere. Overall, I was able to do everything just fine.

6. No, I was never bored. I loved it!

7. I definitely DID NOT feel overworked in class. The amount of classwork is just fine. The one thing I can think of is organization. I am extremely organized, and at first, I felt overwhelmed by the syllabus. It is all jacked up, but after I made my own calendar for the class, I was fine.

8. I do believe I am technologically literate. I would say I am pretty good at most things I have learned. I think I even taught Dr. Strange a few new things. There is always room for improvement, which I need a lot of, but I do think I have grown so much and ready to use technology in my classroom.

9. I hope to continue learning new tools and different features in technology. The world of technology is always growing. I don't think I will ever be at the top, but I do plan on continuing to follow teachers and explore technology.


John Hadley Strange said...

#8. Yes, that is what happens in a true learning community! Thank you!

#4. And this also happens in a true learning community: "...I was hooked. I had a completely different perspective." Every new adventure opens my eyes to new ideas and new perspectives. It's so much fun!

Manaiakalani said...

This reflection should be required reading for teachers! Congratulations on completing the course and taking the opportunity to become a learner at the same time.
All the very best for your teaching career. Your first class will have no idea how lucky they are to have you - but they will soon find out.