Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Time for Growth

A seventh grader made a video about her personal learning environment. It contained so much information, and she appeared to have truly learned a great amount on her own. Her PLE was extremely organized, and I loved how she explained the different tools she uses. I think it is great that so many young people are learning through websites, videos, and other blogs. I have just started my PLN, and it amazes me how the learning environment has so quickly expanded beyond the classroom. I am excited to see the new changes taking place.

A Seventh Grader's PLE.

Two Questions That Can Change Your Life by Daniel Pink stem from his book Drive. The first is What is your Sentence? To be honest, I do not know how to sum up my life in one sentence. I believe that I have done many things that have affected someone elses life. I have overcome many battles, and I have accomplished a great deal in the twenty one years of my life. I know that I have a great purpose in life, and I plan on fulfilling all my heart's desires. I like to think of myself as a young woman who is confident in herself and knows who she is. I am independent and strong. I love, and I care. I want to help others, and I plan on making a difference in life. I guess I could say, I will never live a mundane life. As for the second question, Was I better Today than Yesterday?, I will always strive to be better. I never want to become so satisfied with my life that I stop living. I always want more, and I always want to do more. I want to show others their full potential, and give them a chance to do something with their life. I choose to love, because I have been loved. I will forever try to live up to my full potential.

What is Your Sentence?


Jennifer Chambers EDM 310 said...

Great post and very motivational. You are a go getter and will go far in life. Keep up the faith.