Thursday, April 1, 2010

Class Survey

My survey consisted of questions pertaining to fact or fiction. There are many topics that are quite controversial that have been debated for some time now. While some evidence can prove certain debates, there are always people who disagree. I love dinosaurs and unicorns because of this very fact. So many people believe that dinosaurs once existed but not unicorns. Throughout the Old Testament, there are many references to an one-horned animal, possibly the unicorn. There are people, however, that still believe unicorns are a myth. I love fiction and non-fiction, and below are some responses to my survey. Take a look, some are quite humorous!

Fact versus Fiction


John Hadley Strange said...

"stop taking prescription medicine." If you do not know what this refers to, look at Jamie Lynn's delightful survey.

My answer: When I saw one last week it told me it's name was Honestly! And its middle name was Truth. And its last name Strange! Honestly Truth Strange. It was kin to me! Or I was kin to it. Or you can't tell anything by names.