Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekly Comments

Comments for Teachers

Over the past three weeks, I have been following Mrs. Kelly Hines, a fourth grade teacher from North Carolina. Through her skype conversation and her blog, I have learned so much from her. In the first post I read, she discussed taking leadership at school. I have always been involved, and as a teacher, I hope that I can have an influence on important issues that arise. Mrs. Hines' suggestions are extremely helpful, and I plan on sticking my neck out, like she suggests.

In her second post, she willingly admitted that she needed to start fresh in her classroom. After the first semester, she told her class they were officially in fourth grade, no longer grade 3.5. I was extremely impressed with her humble spirit. I have encountered so many teachers who are not willing to humble themselves and admit that they need improvement. I love that she has a desire for her students to do their best. I think it is imperative that the teacher encourages the students, and through the praise, the students no longer have to be pushed, but they want to achieve. I think it is great that she was completely honest with her students. As a future teacher, I hope that I can exemplify the same courage she has.

In the last post I read, she discusses the importance of teachers inspiring and encouraging their students. I agree that there is a need for all teachers to inspire the children. I too hope that I can reach my students and help them realize their full potential. I am extremely excited to be a teacher, and I cannot wait for all the experiences I will encounter. Mrs. Hines talked about how she was self-motivated and did not have a teacher that really touched her life, but her grandmother and students did greatly encourage her. While I have had 2-3 teachers that have inspired me, my grandmother and mother are the two people in my life that have always encouraged to do whatever I want. Through their encouragement, I have grown as a person, and I am able to motivate myself and work towards my dreams.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Mrs. Hines' posts, and I have learned so much through her words. Her advice and thoughts have greatly helped me. I agree that it is important to inspire our students and be willing to admit that we do not know everything and we are not always right. I thanked her for being a teacher who truly cares and is willing to share and help others.

To learn more, follow Mrs. Kelly Hines' blog